• hello all

    i've recently gotten my servers back online after a UPS failure.

    today i noticed a few hundred thousand posts on forums, apperantly by bots.

    i have a few errors in the database preventing me from adding spam protection remotely, so i have disabled forum registration until i can fix the DB errors.

    i do not have an ETA for this fix.

    eventually, i plan on having forum accounts linked with the game accounts.

    that's all i have for now



  • Hello all. 
    currently, I am working on incorporating changes from official AC to my branch.
    this is difficult, as they have updated their config and makefiles for newer systems, and i am not running on a new system.

    there are a multitude of db updates that i have not incorporated yet, but plan to soon.

    either way, the server is online again, as are the forums.

    i have managed to find my old, somewhat-working verison of the armory, and it is online also.  i am aware of it's errors and multiple bugs, and now you are, too.

    see ya ingame

  • i have found and installed what was listed as a "working" armory for azerothcore-3.3.5

    this doesnt seem to be the case, as it's only partially working for me.

    i have an old version *somewhere* which was working a while back that i'll have to track down and put online.


    until then, 

    see ya ingame


  • Hello all.

    i have gotten time to add multiple 'old' pages and update the site to the azerothcore server.
    the default index on the left is slim for the guest view. to view all pages, you must log in, and on some you must have a character selected.

    all pages are now working, with the exception of the vote page, which is acting up and most of the sites are down now. (it's only been 6 years) i am still working on getting the forums and armory updated, and will work on them as i get time.

    see ya ingame.

  • We have updated our server to AzerothCore 335

    The downside of this is we had to create a new database, and all the old data was lost in the upgrade.

    This was unavoidable, but as there were very few active players, it wasn't a big loss.


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